Collaborative Floods Governance in England

3S Faculty member Irene Lorenzoni (with David Benson, University of Exeter) carried out research to identify the degree to which the Regional Flood and Coastal Committees (RFCCs) provide a collaborative approach to flood and coastal management at local level through the involvement of local actors. The research, conducted in 2014, involved in-depth elite interviews with members of the committees and documentary analysis. Findings of the research show that generally, actors were supportive of the Committee process and felt that local level interests were – to an extent – integrated into decision-making. However, some considered the process top-down and in need of, albeit limited, modification. The research uncovered only limited evidence of structured mechanisms to inform local communities on RFCC flood management initiatives or work programmes in the two regions studied. Interestingly, Committee members in both regions expressed similar views on the Committee structure, processes and level of local influence. A research report, policy note and feedback sessions for policy actors resulted from the research.

The work was supported by the University of Exeter Discretionary Fund and the ESRC’s Impact Cultivation Award scheme.

RFCC Report April 2015

RFCC Policy Brief April 2015