3S Key insights

Welcome to our vision for a more sustainable society!

You can download our 3S key insights booklet called ‘Making Sustainability Social’ here.

To request a complimentary paper copy of the booklet, please contact us by email


We hope that our seven insights will play a part in inspiring broader change and transformation. They show the importance of efforts to better account for societal values in processes of sustainable innovation and decision-making from the local to the international. The seven key insights will be published on this website over the next few weeks, and our brochure will also be available to download here.

We want these insights to be useful to you in your work, whether you see yourself as a policy-maker, an activist, a research, an innovator, a practitioner, a community organiser, an entrepreneur, or simply as an engaged citizen.

Together we can transform the way we do things to create more sustainable ways of living. We do this best – we argue – by paying attention to the role of society.

You can find out more about our insights by following the links below:

  1. The problem – society is shut out
  2. The system is the issue
  3. Society can do it
  4. We need new forms of participation
  5. Learn, reflect, experiment
  6. Institutions must respond!
  7. Open up, listen up, join up: the 3S way