Honorary Fellows

We are pleased to maintain active research links with the following academics.

James Martin Fellow, University of Oxford

Rob is a James Martin Fellow in the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (InSIS) at the University of Oxford. He specialises in policy relevant interdisciplinary research in science and technology studies at the interface between geography, sociology and psychology. His research focuses on the social appraisal of science and technology, particularly technology assessment, responsible innovation, public participation and risk perception.

Tim O’Riordan
Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia
Tim received an OBE in 2010, is a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Norfolk, served as Sheriff of Norwich (2009-10), and is a Fellow of the British Academy. He has edited a number of key books on the institutional aspects of global environmental change, policy and practice, and is actively involved in research on the better governance for sustainability. He is also active in the evolution of sustainability science partnerships. His direct work relates to designing future coastlines in East Anglia in England and in Portugal, so that they are ready for sea level rise and the creation of sound economies and societies for a sustainable future. Tim plays the double-bass in a local chamber orchestra

John Turnpenny
Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of East Anglia.
John’s research focuses, broadly, on the relationship between evidence and public policy-making, and more specifically on policy analysis tools, construction and deployment of scientific evidence, post-normal science, and the boundary work of different policy actors.  He takes a multi-disciplinary approach to studying the politics of policy-making, and is particularly interested in environment, sustainable development and climate change-related policy.