Coastal change in Norfolk: The contribution of visualizations to decision making (PhD Project)

Many communities along the Norfolk coast have historically, and more recently, seen changes to their landscapes. Significant changes are likely in the future, especially in areas where coastal erosion is evident. The way these changes are communicated and the level of community engagement in the decision making process on how to deal with current and future changes  affects  community acceptance of such changes and of options available to deal with these, at a variety of political levels. In this PhD research, visualizations are used to inform a proactive plan for adapting to coastal change through the representation of possible futures and the facilitation of community discussions aimed at understanding the barriers to adaptation and resilience, and how they can be overcome. This PhD project explores the effects and implications of using visualizations to engage communities in decision making though conversations about anticipated future changes, needs, and concerns.

People involved: Jacqueline Zavala (PhD researcher)

Funding:  Marshall Scholarship and UEA

Supervisors: by Irene Lorenzoni, Andrew Lovett, Katy Appleton

Timeframe: 2015-2018