Impact & Engagement


In all of our work we reach beyond the academy. We run events on pressing academic and societal debates and work with a wide range of partners and funders. Furthermore, in 2016 we went through a process of summarising the key insights from our work which are relevant to people engaging with sustainability issues. Read more about our seven key insights to transform social engagement with sustainability here.

Who we work with

Our research is based on strong engagement with non-academic partners. Our societal partners range from individual citizens in the UK, segments of the general public, and to civil society groups and non-governmental organisations working towards sustainability, including, the Transition Towns movement, NESTA, the Carbon Trust, the New Economics Foundation, Involve, and the Norfolk Charitable Trust.

Our policy partners include UK Government departments and agencies like BEIS, DEFRA and the Environment Agency, RCUK, the Royal Society, Norwich City Council, and North Norfolk District Council.

Our industry partners include energy companies, technology companies, and market research companies and consultancies, including IBM, Siemens, Microsoft, IPSOS-Mori, Dialogue by Design, Shared Practice, EDF, and Good Energy.