Transition Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy

The Transition Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy consortium, sponsored by E.ON UK and EPSRC, was established in 2008 and involves members of the 3S Group working in collaboration with research teams at the universities of Bath, Cardiff, Leeds, Loughborough, Strathclyde, Surrey, Imperial College London and University College London. The overall research aim of the project is to select, develop and analyse a set of potential transition pathways for the UK energy system to a low carbon future, and undertake integrated assessments of the technical and economic feasibility, and social and environmental potential and acceptability of these pathways. As part of the project the UEA team based in 3S are leading on work tasks:

  • understanding demand-side participation in energy transition pathways through exploring technical, social and behavioural changes including householder interactions with feedback from smart energy monitors;
  • exploring actor dynamics in low carbon energy transitions (including the forms of participation, roles and influence of civil society, government and market actors within the energy system);
  • developing and evaluating a process to support interdisciplinary working, mutual learning and reflection between all members of the consortium, their industrial collaborators, policy-makers and wider stakeholder communities.

People involved:
Jason Chilvers
Noel Longhurst
Jacquie Burgess
Tom Hargreaves
Mike Nye

Timescale: 2008-2012

Funded by: E.ON UK and the EPSRC

Project website: