CLAMER Climate Change Impacts on Marine Ecosystems: Research Results & Public Perception

EU FP7 (2010-11) How members of the public understand and engage with climate change impacts on marine environments, ranging from ocean acidification and species distribution change to sea-level rise and costal erosion.


3S WP 2013-19 Hauxwell-Baldwin – The Politics and Practice of ‘Community’ in UK Government Funded Climate Change Initiatives

Academics and policy-makers have claimed that community has a potentially useful role to play in encouraging pro-environmental behaviour change. Yet despite a growing literature on the role of community in doing so, a critical examination of the policy context in which it is being employed towards that goal is currently lacking. This paper addresses that…

3S WP 2012-15 Hulme – What sorts of knowledge for what sort of politics? Science climate change and the challenges of democracy

There are two propositions about knowledge society and policy-making which – if true – are troubling in the context of climate change. First policy-making seems ever more reliant on knowledge and yet science seems to deliver knowledge (at least in this context) with ever less certainty or authority. And second and here I quote Dan…