Student projects

UEA_ENV_2014-102We are available to supervise undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations/independent projects. Contact members of faculty directly to enquire about availability. Examples of previous projects supervised by members of the group include:

– Move your money? An Exploration of Regimes and Practices in the UK Retail Banking Sector

– What factors in onshore wind developments effect public attitude and outcome of an application?

– A town called Eco: What notions of sustainable development do the government’s proposed eco-towns embody?

– An investigation into the motivations of Freecycle users

– A case study of domestic water consumption in Feltwell, Norfolk: A social practice theory analysis

– Food Miles and CO2: A Comparison of Local, Organic Non-Local and Conventional Non-Local Fresh Produce

– Motivations and Barriers to Adopting Low-Carbon Lifestyles in Norwich: An investigation into the adoption of holistic and technology based practices.

– What lessons can be learnt from previous sustainable urban transport initiatives in order to make recommendations for the successful implementation of a sustainable transport system in Norwich?

– An Investigation into well-being as the motivation for participating in Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS)