New Energy Perspectives Podcasts

shutterstock_3784668853S PhD student and researcher Elizabeth Errington has produced a brilliant new series of podcasts about energy, which will be of interest to energy researchers, policy-makers and practitioners alike. They cover a range of issues including justice, gender and behaviour change. This is was Liz has to say about the new series:

“Affordable energy is a research agenda that crosses an enormous array of disciplines and methods. As my own research progressed I found myself unable to find the time to respond to so many additional question.

To try and gain perspectives on a wider range of issues than I was able to research, I embarked on a project to build a narrative that crossed traditional disciplines and encouraged both established and early career researchers to directly engage with practitioners beyond the academy – particularly regulators and charities.

The result is a pilot series of podcasts recorded in conjunction with Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities. Academic participants from 3S in the Environmental Sciences, the Humanities and the Social Sciences within UEA as well as other universities in the UK and USA”.

The release dates of the podcasts are:

Energy Perspectives on….

Vulnerability – 25th November

Justice – 1st December

Behavioural Economics – 13th December

Institutions – 15th December

Gender Diversity – 18th December

The podcasts can be listened to here.

This project has been supported by funding from the UEA SSF Impact fund and the patient support of colleagues in 3S, PPL and the CCP UKERC-funded project Equity and Justice in Energy Markets. The podcasts were recorded and edited by Stephen Bennett (Lecturer in Media and Technology) and his students at the Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities at UEA, Norwich.