Interdisciplinary Cluster on Energy Systems, Equity and Vulnerability (InCluESEV)

InCluESEV recognises that issues of equity are a fundamental but under-researched challenge in the energy domain. Integrating equity and justice into energy policy, governance and implementation is a necessary part of achieving a sustainable and socially progressive transition to a low carbon future. Equity, in terms both of access to affordable, safe and reliable energy and of the distribution of the risks and benefits of new technologies, varies over space and time, and between and within social groups. InCluESEV promotes interdisciplinary understanding of and research into differentiated landscapes of energy vulnerability and resilience – shaped by complex interactions between technologies, infrastructures, policies, markets and practices. UEA’s contribution focused on the challenges of taking a whole-system equity perspective to nuclear power.

People involved:
Peter Simmons

Project duration: 2009-2011

Project funded by: EPSRC and ESRC

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