3S Innovative Teaching in Environmental Politics

maquette-logo-viviane-4News about our exciting and innovative teaching methods in 3S is spreading far and wide! A new blogpost by Viviane Gravey, a PhD student in the School of Environmental Sciences here at UEA, discusses how Theoretical Theatre methods have been applied to teaching theories of power in relation to Environmental politics, and European Union studies in particular.

Viviane says “For the last two years, I have helped (with my blog co-editors) bringing together another session in a module on environmental politics and policy. In our theoretical theatre, contenders debate the 1932 Kinder Scout Mass Trespass and the development of access to land rights in the UK from the perspective of Stephen Lukes’ three “faces of power”. Instead of impersonating a theory, we chose to impersonate a theorist, with “Stephen Lukes” going head to head with “Peter Bachrach” and “Robert Dahl” in a performance with an arguably smaller comedic element (although we did use 3D glasses).”

She describes her experiences with the teaching method, and proposes a series of potential future applications, illustrating how flexible and widely-adaptable Theoretical Theatre can be in teaching environmental social sciences.

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