Freja Friis visits 3S from Aalborg

IMG_19503S is delighted to welcome Freja Friis as a visiting PhD research scholar from March to May 2015. Freja is completing her PhD at the Danish Building Research Institute, a part of Aalborg University in Copenhagen, with Kirsten Gram-Hanssen as her supervisor.

Freja’s PhD is a sociological study about how to integrate smart grid technologies in households’ everyday life. During her time at 3S she’ll be mainly working on a paper on ‘Making sense of electric vehicle (EV) driving’ from an everyday life perspective. But she’s also keen to develop strong links with ongoing research at 3S relating to smart homes, smart grids, and energy transitions, and thus to further develop understandings of practice theory and behavioral change in relation to consumption in everyday life.

Dr. Tom Hargreaves, who is supervising Freja during her stay, said: “Freja’s research interest aligns directly with ongoing work in 3S seeking to develop socio-technical understandings of ‘smart’ energy futures. We’re therefore delighted that Freja has come to visit us and hope that this will be a springboard to developing stronger links with the world-leading research on smart grids and energy transitions being conducted in the Danish Building Research Institute”.