New article on Theoretical Theatre teaching innovation


We’re proud to announce that our first pedagogical paper on 3S’s award-winning teaching method Theoretical Theatre, has been published in the Journal of Contemporary European Research, Vol 13 (3) 2017. Our teaching team in 3S has pioneered this exciting and effective teaching innovation, which is catching on across the country and the world. This is our first paper to discuss the method in pedagogical context, and evaluate its successes and the challenges we face in developing it further.

Viviane Gravey, Irene Lorenzoni, Gill Seyfang, Tom Hargreaves


Role playing is increasingly used in European Studies and political science more generally to foster students understanding of social science theories. Yet in most cases, role playing is only done by students. Not so in Theoretical Theatre, a teaching innovation which puts the onus on teachers to act. In our performances, teachers embody competing theories and enact dramatic scenarios in front, and in collaboration with, their student audience. This article explains how we developed Theoretical Theatre and how it relates not only to games and simulations but also Drama In Education. It reflects on our experience of performing across four modules since 2012 and our students’ feedback and discusses how it can be sustained over time and transferred to other settings and disciplines.

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