Clara Kubler

I am a CDCC programme PhD student at the School of Environmental Sciences, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. I am part of the Science, Society, and Sustainability (3S) Research Group and the Tyndall Centre. My research explores how politicians and the public shape each other’s climate change attitudes and behaviours, what role the media plays in this, and how we can improve political communication of climate policies.

Before starting my PhD in October 2022, I completed a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Environmental Psychology at the University of Groningen. Here, I worked as a research assistant for the department of Environmental Psychology and the law faculty. The projects I was involved in centred around policy acceptance and behavioural change.

Following my degrees, I gained industry experience working for a non-profit start-up in Berlin, focusing on creating a future-proof agrifood sector through open social innovation. Collaborating with a diverse set of stakeholders exposed me to the complexity of implementing climate action plans, providing me with skills on how to bridge the gap between research and practice.