Phedeas Stephanides

IMG_6288_OriginalI am an environmental social scientist conducting interdisciplinary, critically-constructive research around societal engagement with sustainability. I have developed this interest through the investigation of grassroots sustainability innovations, environmental movements, socio-technical energy transitions, and through the exploration of diverse forms of energy democracy in the UK and beyond. Across these areas, my research and teaching engages closely with contemporary human/economic geography and environmental social science debates on: a) practice-focused research on the everyday geographies of sustainability; b) geographies of hope and participation; c) the realpolitik of environmental movements; d) the spatial politics of participatory sustainability transitions; and e) attendant questions of power and environmental/ energy justice.

Since the completion of my PhD research on community currencies developed in the wake of the Greek economic crisis as tools for sustainable degrowth, I have worked as Senior Research Fellow at the Norwich Business School, and the School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia. Through my postdoctoral work, I have contributed to the internationally-acclaimed TILOS-Horizon 2020 and ICE (Intelligent Community Energy) projects, and I am currently the lead researcher on UKERC’s Public Participation Observatory.