2017 Seminar Series

We are very proud to be organising the ENV Social Science Seminar series for 2017 with these upcoming talks – all welcome.

ENV Social Science Seminar Series 2017

All seminars run on Wednesdays from 4-5.30pm



Speaker name


Talk title

01/02/17 TPSC 2.03 Phil Grunewald University of Oxford 8 ways of being flexible: How households could help balance the electricity system – and whether they would
15/02/17 TPSC 0.1 Vanesa Castan Broto UCL Urban Energy Landscapes: existential perspectives on energy
15/03/17 TPSC 0.1 Jon Croose Arts University Bournemouth Art and Public Engagement: Ethnography, Carnivals and the ‘place-politics’ of the 2012 Olympics
10/05/17 TPSC 2.03 Eleanor Hadley-Kershaw University of Nottingham Co-producing Future Earth
24/05/17 MED 1.02 Clare Saunders University of Exeter Normalising Environmental Activism
07/06/17 MED 1.02 Noel Longhurst and Tom Hargreaves UEA Energy Vulnerability and the lived experience of energy system change