3S Working Paper 2015-27 Chilvers & Longhurst – A Relational Co-productionist Approach to Sociotechnical Transitions

In this paper we develop an approach to sociotechnical change that is grounded in relational and co-productionist theories from science and technology studies (STS) and wider social theory. This is a constructive project to further develop and advance understandings and explanations of actor dynamics and sociotechnical change. In doing so we propose a new relational co-productionist approach for studying sustainability transitions – which itself seeks to advance on existing approaches in STS, innovation studies, geography and political science – and flesh out how this informs the development of new approaches for reflexive and responsible governance of sociotechnical transitions. The framework has been developed through research to develop a conceptual approach for the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Realising Transition Pathways (RTP) project Work Stream A2 on ‘Conceptualising, Mapping and Analysing Actor Dynamics in the Contemporary UK Electricity System’.

Chilvers, J. and Longhurst, N. (2015) A Relational Co-productionist Approach to Sociotechnical Transitions. 3S Working Paper 2015-27, Norwich: Science, Society and Sustainability Research Group, UEA.

Chilvers and Longhurst 3SWP 2015-27