TRANSIT (TRANsformative Social Innovation Theory) is an ambitious research project that will develop a theory of transformative social innovation which is about empowerment and change in society. It is co-funded by the European Commission and runs for four years, from January 2014 until December 2017. TRANSIT will utilize a research method which encourages feedback from social entrepreneurs and innovators, policy makers and academics to develop a theory with practical relevance. The theory will be based on insights from other theories e.g. transition theory, social movement theory and institutional theory. The research project studies how social innovation can bring about empowerment and societal transformation.

The 3S research team on the TRANSIT project is leading on the transformative social innovation theory work package and developing social innovation case studies on Transition Towns and Credit Unions. For further details see the full TRANSIT website:

People involved:
Alex Haxeltine (lead researcher)
Jason Chilvers
Tom Hargreaves
Gill Seyfang 
Noel Longhurst

Timescale: 2014-2017

Funded by: European Commission