New MSc Environmental Sciences (Science, Society and Sustainability)

3S leads a new postgraduate MSc pathway in Science, Society and Sustainability.

Each Pathway offers a different mix of modules to develop specific skills in our students, while maintaining an interdisciplinary approach that draws on the school’s outstanding research strengths.

Pathway overview

The Science, Society and Sustainability Pathway gives students the knowledge and skills to work in sustainability governance at a local, regional or national level, as well as excellent training for an academic research career.

Working in sustainability governance gives you direct influence over the environmental and social impact of organisations, from private sector businesses, to public sector bodies and NGOs. This Pathway gives students the tools to meet the challenges they will face in any sector and equip them for hands-on work in sustainability.

The Pathway also suits research-orientated students who want to explore processes of social change in UEA’s world-leading research group Science, Society and Sustainability (3S). The 3S researchers focus on a range of topics, including climate change, energy, emerging technologies and natural hazards, working right at the forefront of research into the social and political dimensions of sustainability. Students will get the chance to work within this prestigious group, gaining valuable research experience in the sector.

Pathway structure

Compulsory modules:

  • Science, Society and Sustainability
  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Research Skills
  • Dissertation Project

Optional models for this Pathway are the same as those for the MSc in Environmental Sciences.


  • Designing and implementing sustainability initiatives
  • Social research
  • Survey design
  • Social marketing
  • Environmental reporting
  • Participatory research
  • Facilitation of public and stakeholder engagement
  • Risk communication
  • Environmental education

For information on entry requirements, fees and funding, and how to apply view the MSc Environmental Sciencescourse profile.