The (non) use of policy assessment tools to feed scientific evidence into policy processes – ‘LIAISE’

The LIAISE – Linking Impact Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise – network aims to provide a focus for international research on the use of evidence, science and assessment tools in policy-making. It is building bridges between those who design such tools and those who actually use or (as is often the case) do not use them to make policy.

Professor Andrew Jordan and Dr John Turnpenny are leading a critical area of work on understanding the needs of those producing and using policy analysis tools such as cost benefit analysis and computer models. LIAISE’s centre-piece will be a shared toolbox, simultaneously accessible to and used by policy makers and researchers. LIAISE will also develop a shared research agenda and support capacity-building and training to ensure its research results are fully applied.

People involved:
Andy Jordan;
John Turnpenny;
Camilla Adelle

Duration: 2009–2014
Funding: European Commission FP7