Andrew Jordan

Jordan, AProfessor of Environmental Sciences. I have a longstanding interest in EU and British environmental politics and policy making. I have conducted work on the long-term impact of the European Union on the traditional style, structures and procedures of British environmental policy (aka ‘Europeanization’), as well as sustainable development, environmental policy integration and new modes of governance. I also undertake comparative policy analysis in the EU on a broad range of themes including climate change, policy appraisal, policy innovation and policy dismantling. I have been an editor of the international journal Environment and Planning C (Government and Policy) since 1998. I have published over a hundred peer reviewed papers and chapters in edited books, as well as authored or edited 10 books on these themes. In the past, I have had leadership roles in many large EU funded projects including MATISSE, ADAM and EPIGOV (all Framework 6) and CONSENSUS, RESPONSES and LIAISE (Framework 7). I have also undertaken work inter alia for the Cabinet Office, the UK environment ministry, the Countryside Agency, the UK Foresight, the European Commission and the Dutch Environment Ministry. I am currently completing books on Dismantling Public Policy (Oxford University Press, 2012) and a third edition of EU Environmental Policy (Earthscan, 2012, with Camilla Adelle). In 2010 I was awarded a Major Research Fellowship by the Leverhulme Trust to undertake work on policy innovation in multi-levelled systems of governance. In 2008 I was elected as an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS).

3S strands:

Policy and Governance

Patterns of policy dismantling and de-regulation in an era of economic austerity – ‘CONSENSUS’
The sources of and obstacles to climate policy innovation – ‘SCOOPI’
Deep emissions reductions and the mainstreaming of mitigation and adaptation – ‘RESPONSES’
The (non) use of policy assessment tools to feed scientific evidence into policy processes – ‘LIAISE’

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