The Museum of the Anthropocene moves online

The Museum of the Anthropocene is an annual pop-up exhibition created by students on Dr Martin Mahony’s 3rd year module ‘Human Geography in the Anthropocene’. Students chose a range of objects whose stories can help us make sense of the historical, political and cultural forces that have led us into the proposed new ‘age of humans’: from beef to Barbie, plastic bags to punk rock, cricket bats to condoms.

The 2022 Museum of the Anthropocene pop-up exhibition at UEA. Photograph: Martin Mahony © 2022

This year’s event coincided with the launch of an online Museum of the Anthropocene, hosted by ClimateCultures, a network of artists, curators and researchers engaged in developing creative responses to the climate crisis and the Anthropocene.

The online exhibition features a selection of 8 objects from previous iterations of the Museum, and the collection will grow each year. Martin has written an introductory post on the ClimateCultures blog: Object-based Learning in the Anthropocene, and you can also find out more about the collaboration on the main page for the online Museum of the Anthropocene before venturing Inside the Museum, where the objects and short accompanying essays are displayed.