3S Vision for a Sustainable Future

Members of 3S have put forward a vision for a sustainable future in a new collection of thought pieces published by the University of East Anglia. The short piece ’Making sustainability social’ was written by Jason Chilvers and Tom Hargreaves on behalf of 3S drawing on our key insights.

‘Visions of a Sustainable Future’ is a collection of thought pieces that form a multidisciplinary perspective on a broad range of issues: from resource consumption to wellbeing and education; from water management to investment in sustainability. Showcasing the strength and diversity of sustainability expertise across UEA, the publication features contributions from UEA’s Schools of Economics, Education and Lifelong Learning, Environmental Sciences, International Development, and Norwich Business School. These appear alongside pieces by key players in business and policy from a range of sectors.

Our 3S vision appears on page 32 (Chapter 15).