Irene Lorenzoni

Irene LorenzoniSenior Lecturer in the School of Environmental Sciences. As an environmental social scientist, my research focuses the relationships between individual understandings of environmental issues – specifically climate change, its causes and consequences over different timescales- and behaviours. I am interested in opportunities and barriers to engagement with climate change, representation and communication of climate data, challenges of adaptation to change especially in coastal areas, enabling meaningful climate change mitigation at individual and societal levels, development of climate change policy.

My recent work has involved the exploration of perceived barriers to engagement with climate change and their influence on individual and institutional responses (both in terms of mitigation and adaptation); carbon capability; public attitudes towards current energy use and future energy options, especially in relation to sustainability; the construction of climate and energy discourses in the UK; the evolution of climate change policy; views of the future. I teach modules on environmental politics; sustainability and society; energy and climate change.

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Tel: +44 (0)1603 59 3173

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