Laurie Waller

Sociologist and Senior Researcher on the FAB-GGR project. My research falls between science and technology studies (STS), digital social research and participation.

I joined the 3S group in July 2018 as a full-time researcher on FAB-GGR (funded by NERC), a project assessing the feasibility of large-scale greenhouse gas removal from bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and afforestation. Prior to arriving at UEA, I was based at the Technical University of Munich (2015-18) where I taught interdisciplinary masters courses on controversy analysis and science & democracy. In Munich, I was also a lead researcher on an issue mapping project about vertical farming (funded by EIT Food). I hold a PhD in sociology from Goldsmiths University.

My current work explores using digital methods for mapping climate & energy debates on ‘net zero’ emissions targets. I have a longstanding interest in experimental approaches to participation and designing processes for engaging technology and environmental assessments with public issues.