Elizabeth Errington


Elizabeth Errington, Senior Research Associate (@EErrington1)

I am currently researching the impact of devolved administrations on Equity and Justice in Energy Markets as part of an interdisciplinary team funded by the UK Energy Research Council (http://competitionpolicy.ac.uk/research/research-projects/equity-and-justice-in-energy-markets)

This draws on my PhD research regarding how knowledges and representations of consumers influence residential retail energy formulation in the UK. Before my PhD I held various roles influencing the design and delivery of retail supply policies in Great Britain on behalf of a ‘Big 6’ energy company. My academic background includes a PG Dip in Social Research Methods (2012), the Introductory Certificate in Management (2009) and a MA (Oxon) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (2007).

In addition to 3S I am a member of the Centre for Competition Policy, the Fuel Poverty Researchers Network, Public Policy Research Group and the Ethics Forum.

My research interests cover: Retail and Supply Energy policy and regulation; Framing of ‘consumers’ in policy and regulation; ‘Affordability’ discourses; Knowledges in policy making; Policy Evaluation Methodologies; The role of policy studies in energy research; Regulatory Institutions; Fuel Poverty Definitions