Tim Rayner

small Rayner, TSenior Research Associate in Environmental Politics. Since arriving at UEA in 2006, I have worked on EU-funded research projects examining European Union climate change politics and policy. The latest of these is the RESPONSES project (www.responsesproject.eu), which focuses on how climate concerns can be integrated, or ‘mainstreamed’, into a range of EU policy sectors, and builds upon the earlier ADAM project. I maintain an interest in the politics of expert advice, policy appraisal and evaluation, developed through past research on the role and influence of the UK’s Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, policy change in the UK transport sector (for my PhD), and on the role of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee. In the first half of 2011 I will be lecturing on a number of courses, including Environmental Politics and Policy.

3S strands:
Policy and governance


Email: tim.rayner@uea.ac.uk

Tel:+44 (0)1603 59 3905

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